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Dr. ir. Sophie ROELANTS is Innovation Manager biosurfactants and is managing the microbial biosurfactants production technology at and The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. She has initiated and/or managed many projects on the development of strains and fermentation and purification processes for microbial biosurfactants and application research (Waste2Func, AppliSurf, Marisurf, Carbosurf, Stabosurf, IB2Market, Biosurfing).

She holds a degree in Bio Science Engineering (Ghent University, 2007) and a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences (Ghent University, 2009-2013). Apart from her scientific work and accomplishments, she is very active in business development for the InBio and the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant technology package specifically for the surfactant business community. Her research resulted in over 40 peer-reviewed publications, 4 book chapters and the co-inventorship on several patents / patent applications. She is the co-promoter of several PhD students performing research on the development of the biosurfactant platform technology.