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We offer second generation (2G) sophorolipid products

Today AmphiStar is the only company offering sophorolipid (SL) products fully independent of the use of first generation feedstocks, such as sugar or vegetable oil, to the market. Our products are not linked to direct land use or deforestation and offer a sustainable alternative to our customers. 

Our sophorolipid products ranging from high lacton to high acidic SLs are available in low and high purity depending on the needs of our customers. 

High lactonic sopholipids

High acidic sopholipids

Customised mixture lactonic/acidic:

Define the ratio lactonic SL/acidic SL according to your needs

We offer diversity

Our platform addresses the need of the industry for more diversity in biosurfactants. Unlike the complex mixtures currently on the market, AmphiStar’s highly pure and uniform biosurfactants allow for more in depth physicochemical characterisation, further derivatisation and flexibility to mix biosurfactant variants in the right ratio for a specific application.

The figure below shows the main glycolipid biosurfactant types that we are able to produce with our production technology. In reality, the platform is much larger, with variations introduced in the acetylation and saturation degree, chain length and position of the hydroxylation. 

Even small structural modifications can drastically change the properties: some precipitate or crystalize in water, while others are completely water soluble or have the ability to form a viscous gel. There are also major differences in terms of foaming and emulsifying capacity and our biosurfactants offer specific benefits for products in the personal care and cosmetic market segment, e.g. skin mildness, non-toxicity, non-irritancy and antimicrobial properties. 

“Variation is desired across products, but not IN products” – Sophie Roelants, CEO

Acetylated lactonic sophorolipid C18:1

MW: 688 g/mol

HLB: 13.1

Acetylated acidic sophorolipid C18:1

MW: 706 g/mol

HLB: 12.0

Non-acetylated acidic sophorolipid C18:1

MW: 622 g/mol

HLB: 11.0

Acetylated acidic glucolipid C18:1

MW: 502 g/mol

HLB: 8.8

Non-acetylated acidic glucolipid C18:1

MW: 460 g/mol

HLB: 7.8

Acetylated acidic sophorolipid C9

MW: 582 g/mol

HLB: 16.1

Non-acetylated acidic sophorolipid C9

MW: 498 g/mol

HLB: 15.5

Acetylated alcohol sophoroside C9

MW: 568 g/mol

HLB: 15.2

Non-acetylated alcohol sophoroside C9

MW: 484 g/mol

HLB: 14.7

Acetylated aldehyde sophoroside C9

MW: 566 g/mol

HLB: 16.0

Non-acetylated aldehyde sophoroside C9

MW: 482 g/mol

HLB: 15.3

Acetylated alkyl sophoroside C18:1

MW: 676 g/mol

HLB: 12.6

Non-acetylated alkyl sophoroside C18:1

MW: 592 g/mol

HLB: 11.5

Acetylated bola sophorolipid C18:1

MW: 1115 g/mol

HLB: 15.8

Acetylated bola glucolipid C18:1

MW: 706 g/mol

HLB: 12.9