Our future is Triple-BIO.


Local, sustainable, renewable feedstocks and waste streams. No palm oil!


Clean and safe production technology for people and the environment


Biodegradable, ecological, sulfate-free, mild, non-toxic and non-irritant

About AmphiStar

AmphiStar has the mission to develop, scale up and demonstrate biosurfactant technology at industrially relevant level. To achieve this, we bring together the required technologies, know-how and IP into a platform technology for biosurfactants with freedom to operate. As such, we aid in the transition from a fossil-based to a more environment friendly, bio-based industry. Our technology is fully in line with the vision of a circular economy, allowing a high standard of living while using chemicals and materials produced by sustainable production systems out of renewable (biomass) raw materials.

We derisk the early development stage for biosurfactant production, guide and support technology transfer to industrial production sites and collaborate intensely for further development and improvement of the licensed technology.

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